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Hope from Holly would like to warmly welcome you to our site! Holly, a daughter and a sister, was 5 years old when she died. It was sudden and tragic, it was
right after her 5-year birthday and well check up with the pediatrician. She was completely healthy, beautiful, smart, kind and a child who was very close to Jesus. It was only through strong faith and the work in Holly’s memory that we were able to survive after her passing. We have always been committed Christians so we would like to share our love of the faith with all of you. We have a Faith and Encouragement Facebook page (see button below), a blog and topics below to click on to find more information. Please take a look at Holly’s Story and Law so you can be better prepared than we were and research for yourselves before making a medical decision.

The Bible

Finding Purpose & Peace in Scripture

Defending the Faith

Giving Reasons for Our Hope


Building a Relationship with God


Inspiration from Holy Men & Women

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